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Rejected Honduran Nationals finally allowed to enter Belize

At approximately three o’clock yesterday afternoon twenty-seven Honduran nationals were turned away at Belize ‘s western border.  The caravan had five buses with Central American nationals who were requesting entry into Belize as a church group that visits regularly.  Love news understands that it may be a part of the Honduras caravan (HONDURAS VO).  The main caravan left Honduras earlier this week and was said to have garnered over a thousand nationals who are trying to get into the United States but were blocked at Mexico’s border with Guatemala.  The Leader of the Opposition John Briceno commented on the situation facing our Central American neighbors.

Leader of the Opposition John Briceno: “Well I think it is a sad state of affairs in our area in Central America where the issue of gangs and crime is really getting out of hand and these people are trying to find some kind of refuge and they believe that going to the United States would be the best chance that they have for themselves and for their families.

Jose Sanchez: “The US President Donald Trump is saying that he is going to be withholding funding from certain Central American countries, in return he is hoping that some countries would open their doors and take these migrant candidates. Can Belize take such a measure to taking people?”

Leader of the Opposition John Briceno: Well the President of the United States have ceased to shock me with the things that he says but certainly the position that he is taken I think it is heartless and certainly if he doesn’t want to take them on why should other countries take them on. We in Belize, we have had a fairly liberal immigration policy where we have had thousands of Central Americans that have made Belize their home. As to this case where we did some leave we were to take them or not I think that is something that would be more discussion before that being such a decision.”

The Honduran Nationals were eventually allowed to enter Belize once it was verified that they were part of a church group.