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Hope Creek Villagers Say they Were Brutalized by Police

A group of Hope Creek villagers was reportedly brutalized by Dangriga Police following a home invasion at their residence. Four fake cops barged into the home of fifty-seven-year-old Esther Crispia last week Thursday. Wearing camouflage clothing and armed with what appeared to be guns, the fake cops forcibly searched the residence and found one hundred and thirty thousand Belize dollars in a crocus sack. After finding the large amount of money, the men then fled the scene in a white F-150 pickup with Cayo license plates and the word “Police” on it. The following day the family went to the Dangriga Police Station to make a report but in an unexpected twist of events, Crispia’s daugther and sons-in-law were detained and beaten. This is what Jaysi Crispin is claiming. She told Love News that she and her brothers were beaten with a bat by officers attached to the Criminal Investigative Branch (CIB). Crispin alleges that police officers tried to suffocate her by placing a plastic bag over her head and applying pepper spray inside the bag. She says that they are being accused of being the mastermind of the home invasion. 

Jaysi Crispin, Home Invasion Victim:  “While in the room questioning me they grabbed a plastic bag and put it over my face then pepper sprayed the bag inside then choke me. They put the bag and then they opened it a little bit and then pepper sprayed and then they closed the bag. There is a door and they slammed the door and one was beating me up with a bat. They had me, my brother, my baby’s father, my two other brothers-in-law we were there and all of us got beat up. Some of them ended up in the hospital. I have evidence that I went to the hospital yesterday because they beat me up very bad right here in Dangriga. I begged, I screamed, I bawled and nobody helped me. I never experienced this in my life. I was a victim that night and I believe that yes they should have investigated everybody but I don’t believe that that is the way you should do it. They really brutally abused us there. All of us have records that we ended up at hospital yesterday and this morning I told them that they beat me up so they told me that I hurt myself,  I went there clean and I came up bruised up and at Dangriga I don’t know if this always happens but this is the first time I’m experiencing something like this. We went to do a report and they literally beat us up. They beat me up.”

Crispin says that she has no idea why they have become suspects. She says they were released after forty-eight hours with no charges. 

Jaysi Crispin, Home Invasion Victim: “They believe that we organized this, that we put those so-called police to steal from my mom but come on why would we do that to our mother ? We want the best for her. They said why I didn’t call police that night. I couldn’t call the police that night because it’s four police that reached home. How will I call the police? I believe that they were the police and I still believe that it was police. When I saw four police men coming dressed in camouflage with their gun- I never experienced this before in my life so I don’t know if police have to carry a big gun or a small gun I don’t know, this is my first time experiencing the police going into my house. They told us they are police so we just – they said they would check the house for guns and ammunition so we allowed them to get in because we think it’s police checking the house and I still asked them if it’s the right house and they said yes. And then they just started turning over every single thing in the house and then they told us they’ll take whatever they take and that is why I went to the police station that morning because this same police told me to go to the station in the morning. So I went and I made the report what happened that night not knowing I was going to go through all of this nightmare that happened to me that now I am trying to get help from the police but they’re not helping me.” 

On Monday Police Press Officer ASP Fitzroy Yearwood told reporters that two men from Bullet Tree Village are being sought in connection to the home invasion. ASP Yearwood also explained that police officers have been issued an identification card that must be on display when they are conducting their duties.