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Hopkins water shortage

Some villagers of Hopkins will be spending Christmas without running water. Some have been accustomed to it because, as we have reported, for the past several months, some areas of Hopkins Village have been without water or the water pressure so low that it takes a full day for villagers to fill one bucket of water. It’s a huge inconvenience for villagers who have been begun speaking out. Today we spoke to Stacy Serrano who says that villagers are frustrated.

“Not a drop of water. It’s very rough because we need water for daily use. We need water to cook, to bathe, it’s hard. My grandmother has water pressure good on the other side of the village so I would get buckets or gallons and go to her and fill up water. The lack of water is horrible. It’s frustrating, it’s not only me. I live in a yard with three other families and then everyone on my road doesn’t have water so everyone has to see how they can get water and go to someone who has low water pressure and fill up and go back home. Some people have no water to the south end of the village, some have no water to the north so it’s in different areas; either no water pressure or low water pressure so it’s confusing and we don’t know what is happening.”

We have been told that the chairman has called a meeting for December 28 to discuss the issue. When we last spoke to the chairman, we were told that the problem is being caused by the works being down on the Hopkins Village Main Street and Water System.