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Hostel Runaways Reinstated at the Facility

On Wednesday, Marion Williams, the Acting Director of the Community Rehabilitation Department which oversees the Youth Hostel, made a public plea on Love News for the public to assist in locating the remaining two missing girls who absconded from the Hostel on Sunday evening. Nine of the run-away girls had been found but two remained at large. Less than four hours after the plea, Hopkins Police located the two girls in that southern village. Last night around ten o’clock, the girls were spotted by a resident of Placencia who informed the police in Hopkins who then moved to detain them. One of the girls was detained first in the Drumming Center and informed the officers of the whereabouts of the second girl who was found on the beach side in the company of a male. The girls reportedly said they went out through the gate while the Hostel wardens were showering and relaxing. The Hopkins police coordinated with the Social Services in Dangriga during the girls’ detention. They were handed over to the Dangriga Police station from which they were transferred back to the Youth Hostel this morning.