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Hotel Association President says the aborted finger printing system is appreciated

But the industry’s flow of operations were interrupted on Saturday as the recent fingerprinting system at the Philip Goldson International Airport caused a bottleneck. Visitors to Belize spent their first two hours in the country in a line that circled the airport while waiting to be processed. Evidently, progress brings problems and it forced Cabinet to shelve the new fingerprinting measure. The BHA President said that the Immigration Department had informed him that they will no longer be fingerprinting people until they receive further instructions.

Ted Tejada President: Actually I spoke with the Manager at the airport yesterday and he certified that that has been discontinued and it’s not going to be in process and it has discontinued indefinitely. It did affect us last week Saturday and so they took serious immediate action and we do compliment them for that  because they all have the industry at heart, the people at the airport, because we all work together with them and when they saw that that became a problem and so they said that we need to discontinue so for now that is history.”

There aren’t enough immigration offices and equipment at the airport, therefore the limited infrastructure was the cause of the bottleneck and that should have been projected before the plan was implemented.