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Corona Virus Update

Hotels prepared to quarantine returning Belizeans


As you may have heard from CEO Burns the Government has identified hotels as quarantine centres for repatriated Belizeans.  The procedure is that when they arrive in Belize they will have to undergo a quarantine process for two weeks to ensure that they are Covid-19 free.

As you may have heard from CEO Burns the Government has identified hotels as quarantine centres for repatriated Belizeans.  The procedure is that when they arrive in Belize they will have to undergo a quarantine process for two weeks to ensure that they are Covid-19 free. Several hotels in Belize have offered their accommodations to quarantine these persons including the Radisson Fort George Marina and the Best Western Biltmore Plaza. According to Radisson’s General Manager, Sandra Grisham-Clothier, they were more than happy to open their doors to returning Belizeans.

Sandra Grisham- Clothier, General Manager, Radisson Fort George: “Not to sound like a broken record but we want to help. We want to get this country open, I think this is a good way. Bring our Belizean nationals back in let’s quarantine them, make sure that they’re healthy and safe, get them back here which is the right thing to do they’ve been stuck wherever they’re at bless their hearts and not being able to return to their home country and we feel that the Radisson is the perfect place for it. Just simply by the way the building was built floors can be locked off because they have separate doors to them, the accommodations allow people to have a window so they’re not gonna go too crazy they can see the sea, they can open the window get fresh air which is all really good for you. Only transient guests go onto certain floors and again these rooms, any room that a guest is in between check ins it’s seventy two hours before I put a new guest in. We’ve also decided that in locations like where I’m standing we’re going to be adding additional sanitation in that we’re gonna be adding actual hand washing stations. This is gonna become a permanent feature of the Radisson. We’ve already been doing temperatures so anyone that comes into the Radisson as an employee who’s working, who’s on floors they get their temperature taken. Housekeeping to these rooms is very minimal to the quarantine people meaning they call us they need a washcloth we come with a bag that has the washcloths in they give us a bag with their soiled washcloths those are immediately quarantined if you will and put in a special area and into a special machine to be washed and sanitized.”

Love News also spoke with Biltmore’s General Manager, Ted Tejada who shared Grisham-Clothier’s sentiments. He added that while they have not received confirmation that their hotel will be used, they already have a plan in place.

Ted Tejada, General Manager, Biltmore Plaza: “It’s our own people that we are welcoming back. They have been out there they have finished their studies. I know there’s a lot of universities that have closed their doors for now and so they’re coming back actually many of them have been staying at hotels in the US which is very expensive and at this point they need to come back to Belize. Being that if I were in their place I definitely would want to come home and I want a hotel to be able to open their doors and receive us and that’s the reason that many of the hotels in Belize had opted to enter into the program for this repatriation flight. In terms of the amount of people we would select a particular floor in the hotel and concentrate the group in one floor other than having them all over. The employees that will be working on a program like that they would have to sign a paper that they will not be going home for the next fourteen days they would be living on the compound. As you heard it from Dr.Manzanero yesterday he mentioned that none of these individuals coming into the country will be tested on the arrival they will be tested fourteen days after the fact.”

Tejada stated that employees who will be staying at the hotels will be provided with all necessary amenities.

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