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House Collapses on Jane Usher Boulevard

Due to the current weather, floods have been destroying homes and house appliances in vast amounts. The home of Kendra Smith located in Jane Usher has suffered a lot due to the floods. Her home has not completely fallen down, but her front veranda collapsed with her and her little brother while she was doing laundry this morning. Smith spoke to us about the condition of her home and  says  that she feels that there isn’t much more time before the entire home collapses because her home is getting worse.

Jane Usher House CollapseKENDRA SMITH

“It was bad from a long time, the house was breaking up and we were supposed to get assistance and now every time it rains the whole house leaks, the bathroom is not proper and now this is what has happened. This is the second time the veranda has fallen and it fell down with me this morning. My brother and I were on the veranda, I was washing some clothes and I just saw the entire veranda just fall with me. I was trying to fix it.”

Smith and the four other people who reside in the home have to use a wooden ladder to enter their home. She says that she does need a new home but for right now all she really wants is a veranda so that she can be able to get in her home.


“An old railing board I tried to put up there to climb it. Every time it rains it leaks and it gets worse because it’s been up there long. I need an entire house but just for the mean time I just need the veranda to get fixed so that we can go up and come down.

If anyone wants to assist Kendra Smith you can contact her at telephone number 632 2626.