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House destroyed by fire in Las Flores, Belmopan

A house estimated to have been worth at around eighty thousand dollars was destroyed by fire in the Las Flores area of Belmopan.

Pauline SoberanisTillett reporting…
Based on information received Love News was called out to the scene of a house fire located at 13 Maravillas avenue, Las Flores, Belmopan. The house measuring thirty eight by thirty eight feet consisting of three bedrooms, one bathroom was the property of Boris Dominguez and rented by Arnaldo Villas Senior, Southern Regional Manager of Social Security Board who was at work when he got the call from his wife.

Arnaldo Villas – Fire victim
“At around eleven fifty three in the morning I got a call from my wife telling me that my house was on fire so I hurriedly got three of my coworkers to see if they could come in and save a couple things from the house. But when I arrived at the house the house was already almost completely burnt down. The fire engine was there but they were still kind of rolling out the hose. We could not save anything. Everything got burnt down, when I say everything I mean everything and it is so sad that it happened because we have a great loss, the owner of the house and myself with the contents of the house.

Pauline Soberanis Tillett
“What caused the fire? Do you know?

Arnaldo Villas – Fire victim
“Well according to my wife, what happened is that the dryer which works with butane and electricity, it looks like the butane must have leaked or the actual dryer caught fire, I don’t know which one came first but she said that she loaded the dryer and then she went back to the kitchen to do her cooking when she heard a loud bang and that is when she noticed that the room that we had converted into a laundry room, one of the rooms, was on fire and the two gas tanks were there so it quickly spread because even the switch box is there so it spread to the electrical components of the house and it burnt down everything. Even the television that is in the room, it didn’t actually burn down because of the fire but the electrical shortage that was in the house.

Pauline Soberanis Tillett
“Was the house and contents insured?”

Arnaldo Villas – Fire victim
“No, unfortunately not. Neither the house nor the contents.”