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House Engulfed by Flames In Dangriga Town

No one was hurt this afternoon after a fire erupted in the Warageirale area of Dangriga Town. The fire destroyed a three-bedroom house belonging to Denzel Garcia and his family of five. Fire Department responded but as Damien Castillo explained, it was too late.

 Damien Castillo, Witness: “At about 2:05 P.M we were sitting on my porch just relaxing and then my buddy observed smoke coming out the window. I looked over and when I looked over I said wow fire so I yelled out “Fire!” I alerted the neighbors, everyone and by the time – quickly as soon as said that the smoke just started pouring out the windows and the kids or whoever was there looked out and they ran. The fire department showed up with one fire fighter, no help plus the hose was leaking as well so that contributed more to saving the house quicker. I think if he had help or something but I mean you cannot have a fire department with one person showing up at a fire especially a house made of plywood and pine wood. So if the fire department maybe start doing some maintenance check on the equipment it could help our more but I’m not here against the fire department, at least they showed up.”


The cause of the fire is yet to be determined.