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House fire in Belize City displaces family

A Belize City family has been displaced following a house fire on Central American Boulevard in Belize City.  The incident occurred just after eleven o’clock last night.

A Belize City family has been displaced following a house fire on Central American Boulevard in Belize City.  The incident occurred just after eleven o’clock last night. According to Kendra Timmons, she was watching television with her family in the living room when they began to smell smoke.  Upon making checks they found that smoke was coming from her child’s rooms. When her common-law husband went to investigate, they noticed that the apartment underneath them was engulfed in flames. She says that quick response from the National Fire Service managed to extinguish the flames and saved the house from being completely destroyed.

Kendra Timmons, Fire Victim: “We live upstairs and a young lady lives in the back, that’s where the fire started.” 

Naim Borges, Love FM News: Any idea of what might have caused the fire ?

Kendra Timmons, Fire Victim: “I’m not sure all I know that afterwards I learnt that the fire started at her door because her room is totally gone. No one was injured, we got everybody out early enough. The firetrucks were here on time so I’m just grateful for that, we got the gas tank out on time and everything so the damages is mostly just from the back rooms. I will be at mom’s for the moment and see what goes from there. I was so frightened, the first thing I did was run down the stairs and then I realized that I didn’t have my baby so I ran back in the house, I was so frightened I was screaming. First time this ever happened to me I’ve never felt like that before so it’s really heart wrenching to lose almost everything.”

According to the Station Supervisor, Kenneth Mortis they have not been able to pinpoint the cause of the fire.

Kenneth Mortis, Station Supervisor: “We spoke to the sole occupant which actually occupied only a room from the entire downstairs, 54-year-old Ms.Shirley. She stated that she had left the building or her room of residence on Sunday at approximately 4pm and had not returned since. She was later informed or she became knowledgeable of the fire actually when the fire was in progress. Now like I mentioned Ms.Shirley occupies just a single room for the entire downstairs and when we did our preliminary investigation we learnt that this building had one electrical meter meaning that the meter belonged only to the Pott family upstairs. Seeing that the owner, the direct owner of the building itself, had recently passed away there was no need for the lower portion to be energized with electricity so we know for a fact that the downstairs had no electricity so we can rule out electrical as the cause of the fire. Based on what Ms. Shirley mentioned she wasn’t at home since 4pm in the afternoon we have no reason to conclude that there was a candle of any sort being left unattended. Ms.Shirley is not in a position to do any cooking as she is basically a peddler that just tries to go about making her daily means it is an unfortunate case that in this particular fire due to lack of information the fire department cannot literally conclude a cause of the fire. However we can clearly say that the fire started from the room that Ms.Shirley occupied.”

If anyone wants to assist Timmons and her family they can contact her at 615-9126.