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House Fire Leaves Family Homeless

Four persons lost their home over the weekend in Santa Cruz village, Stann Creek District due to a fire. Our Stann Creek correspondent Harry Arzu has that story.

Harry Arzu, Stann Creek Correspondent: A family from Santa Cruz village here in the Stann Creek district lost their house and belongings in a house fire yesterday evening shortly after five o’clock. Vincent Scott, the chairman of the said village, told Love News that it is alleged that the house was intentionally set ablaze and that a suspect is in police custody.

Vincent Scott, Chairman, Santa Cruz Village: “According to the police, police explained that some kids saw the man when he lit the fire because they had a little argument and after that they moved out of the house because the man started to argue but they went by the neighbor and then when they noticed that the house was on fire. That is the story that we got from the lady but the police said it’s no confirmed yet they just said that police are investigating, they have one person held for questioning in connection with that but they don’t have anything that they can say the man confessed or something like that. Police are still investigating.”