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House Fires Rampant; Fire Service Issues Advisory

At least eight house fires have been recorded since March 15 and fire fighters have had to deal with a large number of bush fires as well. One such fire was reported at an address on Camp Oakley Road where Love News understands a number of fruit trees were destroyed. These served the affected family as a source of income and is now lost. We are told that the family called the fire department at least five times but received no response. In an interview with Operations Officer, Benisford Matura earlier this week, he said they were delayed but eventually made their way to the scene and issued an advisory to residents when burning bushes.


“We did get a call for Camp Oakley but to be honest we are at the height of the bush fire season and the trucks are not staying in the station, the minute we get a call we attend sometimes we are at a call when they call for another bush fire so the truck as it finishes one it has to head to another and we did end up sending a truck to that location, we had a delay because as I said the truck was at another fire. What I want to do is take this opportunity to appeal to the people especially in the villages to be careful when burning bushes; the dry season is upon us if you start a fire have a proper fire pass or have some sort of extinguishing agent next to you because right now the trucks are one behind the other going out to calls for bush fires in different villages and in town. So we are very busy at times we might get a call for a certain area and the truck is occupied at another area so you might have a delay in our response to your area. Also people I ask that they do proper maintenance of their yard. Keep the bush down that is in your surroundings especially if you live in an area where the vegetation is high because the possibility of a bush fire turning into a house fire is there.”

With assistance from others in the neighborhood, the family on Camp Oakley Road managed to contain the fire, preventing it from spreading to their home.

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