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House speaker adjusting to new roles

The role of House Speaker is just one more cap that Laura Longsworth is wearing. As we reported earlier, in the next few weeks, Longsworth will assume the Presidency of the regional body, FORPEL. Longsworth was asked if she is overwhelmed by the added responsibilities.

Laura Longsworth – House Speaker

“The legislature has a responsibility to really work with other groups, not only locally but in Central America and internationally to advance a number of issues for the country.  So to answer your question I feel like I’m running to catch up with everything but it is all good. It comes with good structure, we have a good structure at the national assembly in the name of the clerk, deputy clerk and their fantastic team and then of course for me to get up to speed with all the schedules for the year in addition to all those others that I already do,  but I am not overwhelmed.”