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Housing Issues for Belary and Her Family

In August 2016, Hurricane Earl, a category one storm made landfall in Belize. The stormed caused millions of dollars in damages and thousands of families were affected.   The National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO conducted an assessment to help needy families. Since the hurricane, Edmund Castro, the Minister responsible for NEMO has been handing over houses to those affected. This week, Castro handed over two houses to families in Caye Caulker.  About 300 houses have been constructed by NEMO to distribute across the country as part of its rebuilding efforts.  But Anis Belary says she has not received her house as promised. Belary and her family were squatting on a piece of land in the Gungulung Area of Belize City. However, Belary told Love News that NEMO advised her that the house promised to her cannot be placed on the land she was squatting. In the meantime, Belary and her family were placed in a temporary home while the house was being constructed. Months have passed and Belary says she has yet to receive the house.

Belary is pleading with NEMO officials to make good on their promise.