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HRCU says: “Could not pay CitCo workers on time because cheque was late”

Whose fault is it that the sanitation workers received their salaries three days late? Well the Belize City Council is not taking the blame and Holy Redeemer Credit Union is not accepting the fault either.  HRCU was made aware of the matter by its member-owners and this evening the financial institution fired off a release in which it stated quote, “HRCU has tried extremely hard to work with the Belize City Council regarding the payment of salaries for those employees who are our member-owners. Our staff and management go to extreme limits to facilitate payment of salaries for the Belize City Council every single week.” End of quote. To prove that they are not at fault, the release was sent with a copy of the cheque they received today. The cheque is for ninety three thousand four hundred nineteen dollars and thirty one cents. The cheque is date today October 3 and was sent delivered to the HRCU at 12 o’clock. In response, the council’s PR Officer, Shane Williams told reporters quote, “To reiterate what the Councillor said, we submitted payroll on Friday. What happen is the Council deposits payroll to its bank then the bank forwards payment to different financial institutions that employees bank with.” End of quote. We point out that the cheque is not from the Belize City Council but from Scotiabank Belize.