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Hugo Patt for UDP Leader?

Yesterday Cabinet met and we are told that it got very interesting, particularly as it relates to the UDP’s internal party politics. Love News has confirmed with a source within Cabinet that two time UDP area representative, Hugo Patt, was singled out by one of the most senior UDP ministers as a possible candidate to lead the United Democratic Party when Prime Minister Dean Barrow steps down. The source told Love News the topic was not part of the day’s agenda but it formed part of an open, frank and brief discussion. We are also told that the Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber was not necessarily happy about Patt’s recommendation by the ranking UDP member. Recently, Patt drew the media’s attention after PM Barrow appointed him as Acting Prime Minister on two separate occasions. In April, Faber told the media that he did not see any issue with Barrow choosing Patt as Acting Prime Minister. We understand that Patt will carry out consultations before making a final decision to whether or not challenge for the UDP Leadership. Patt is the Area Representative for Corozal North and is the Minister responsible for Labor, Local Government and Rural Development.