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Hulse Expects to Be Removed as Standard Bearer

The release also speaks of Hulse suffering the consequences, both political and legal , for his actions. We asked Hulse if he thought he would be replaced as standard bearer.


“Once they make something public like that, that thing, basically, was personal against not only my Prime Minister but also my Party Leader and as a member of the party and a member of the family of the party you get vexed but you have to make sure that …… all of us grumble.  There is not a single person that belongs to a family or work organization that will not grumble about their boss there is none. They don’t mean it; I can understand how hurt or how offended my party leader must feel and it will be hard for him to have somebody like me go run off… It was bad enough that I was grumbling in private but ‘maddafish ‘ they went to put it on the flipping air now that won’t stop me from working with those guys or doing that.”


Hulse readily admits he made an error in judgement but reiterated that he remains a member of the United Democratic Party. He said if it is the wish of the party that he be removed, he would continue to work with a candidate that the constituents of the area selects.