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Hulse Disputes Espat’s Comments on Farmers’ Lands

As Minister of Natural Resources, Godwin Hulse, also has to deal with the situation involving farmers of Valley of Peace Village. As you may recall the farmers took Santander Sugar to court after their crops were affected by aerial spraying. The matter was resolved and the farmers received land and financial compensation. What they did not receive were titles to the parcels of lands. In this matter, Minister Godwin Hulse, told Love News that is not the Ministry’s fault.


“I must say that the Honorable Julius Espat who raised the matter in the house on Friday was incorrect in saying that the government has not facilitated and that these poor people are out there. The truth and facts are that this is an agreement between Santander or Green Tropics and the farmers as private people and it is my understanding that the surveyor who has done the work together with the people from Santander are well aware that the surveyor has to submit to the Ministry of Natural Resources and the lands department certain documentation and I understand it is called mutation and once those documents are submitted to the department we will proceed to issue the individual titles. The ball is not residing in the Ministry of Natural Resource but with Green Tropics and Santander.