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Hulse Says It Was Disturbing that Footage of Rat Went Viral

As it pertains to the recent video of a rodent in an incubator at the Western Regional Hospital, Minister Hulse told the media that he found the exposure that the video was given, very disturbing.


“I was a little disturbed at the massive coverage that the rat in the incubator had because really rats are everywhere and bats are everywhere and yes they should not be there and should never had been in the incubator etc., thank God nothing happened to the child but that we covered it to the extent that it got all this international coverage doesn’t speak well for our country and I think sometimes we have to be sensitive on how we cover things. The nurses we can’t put that on everybody’s shoulder. Rats are creative little creatures I think they’ve been around from the dinosaur days just like roaches and you can’t get rid of them and house flies no matter what you do you can only do your best. It’s unfortunate but I don’t know that it deserves such a significant media coverage as to have it now internationalized to the point where I see it in British news and I see it even in some of the other European news I think that is unfortunate. It focuses the country as “Oh, we are careless, we are nasty.” and we have not, it has not heralded the great work that a lot of these nurses and doctors do in these hospitals and the amount of lives they save especially in some serious accidents etc. I personally have had the experience of those doctors and nurses who have gone beyond the call of duty to help to save the lives of some of my family members and they’ve been there and we have to herald that as well and we don’t want to down play it with a rat that we happened to find in an incubator and while that is very unfortunate and should not have happened really I think we need to look at it from a different angle. The hospital and the management are trying to do everything they can to prevent that in the future.