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Agriculture & Farming

Hulse Says Fuel Subsidy Doesn’t Benefit Cane Farmers

On Tuesday, the People’s United Party sent out a release speaking of the possible cut of the fuel subsidy for sugar cane farmers by the Government of Belize.  CEO Jose Alpuche had indicated that there is pressure from international financial institutions to have the subsidy removed while Prime Minister Dean Barrow noted that he is not aware of such pressures and it would be unlikely that he would bend to any pressure if it comes to that.  Love News spoke with Agriculture Minister, Godwin Hulse earlier today to get his input on the subject.


“What Jose said is fairly accurate. There have been some lobbies from various of these institutions about subsidies to various groups the fact of the matter is government hasn’t made a decision on this at all so whatever was reported by other media is not accurate at this point. There’s been no decision made on that. What Jose is that with time ,we have to look at it, because the funds that are being given are going to the transporters really not the cane farmers and it’s not benefitting them substantially because the price of transporting the cane has not reduced so as a consequence those who are doing that work seem to be getting the benefit and not necessarily the farmers I think that was the point he was making.”

Currently, the Government of Belize provides a subsidy for fuel to the truckers for sugar cane delivery.   Sugar is the only agriculture sector that receives such an assistance from public funds.

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