Human Remains Found in Corozal Linked to Missing San Joaquin Resident

Human Remains Found in Corozal Linked to Missing San Joaquin Resident

More than two months after San Joaquin villager, Rosalito Pacheco, went missing, human remains were found in Corozal that Police has linked to Pacheco.  We rejoin Reporter Benjamin Flowers for that story. 

Benjamin Flowers, Love News: Fifty-seven-year-old San Joaquin resident Rosalito Pacheco was described as a hard-working man. The husband and father of four was a taxi driver whose life revolved around his family. His closeness with his loved ones was the reason they knew something was wrong on January 31 when he didn’t come home for lunch. Pacheco was reported missing on February 1. Various efforts were made to look for him but those were fruitless until Sunday when police found his remains in the Corozal district. His daughter, Gisell Vivas, says that despite a sinking feeling that something had happened to him, they were holding on to hope. 

Gisel Vivas, Daughter: “Our main priority was to find my dad. We had got together as a family to keep searching for him no matter the circumstances or whatever, it was our priority to find him. We suspected something bad could have happened but we also had the hope to find him alive.”

Benjamin Flowers, Love News: But those hopes were dashed after police called the family to assist in identifying his remains. Assistant Commissioner of Police Hilberto Romero explained what police discovered. 

ACP Hilberto Romero, Officer Commanding, Eastern Division: “On Monday the 29th day of April 2024 police visited an area in the Corozal district on the Consejo Road where human remains were found. The area was visited by the forensics and the remains were taken to the laboratory for analysis. Some items were found in the area which were identified by the family as suspected to be the body of Rosalito Pacheco who had been reported missing a couple months ago.”

Benjamin Flowers, Love News: Gisell Vivas says that the news has rocked her family and that they are trying to come to terms with the news. 

Gisel Vivas, Daughter: “It’s heartbreaking. They took our life. They took his life. He was one of the most important persons in his grandkids lives. His grandkids, his daughters are really devasted and my mom she is trying to be brave and strong for us but her heart is also aching.” 

Benjamin Flowers, Love News: Notably, police found Pacheco’s gold Toyota Corolla in the Fresh Pond area of Burrell Boom Village in February. Forty-four-year-old Tricia Young, along with her sons eighteen-year-old Imari Young and twenty-two-year-old Christopher Young, were jointly charged with handling stolen goods for the vehicle. However, that was the extent of their charges. Giselle Vivas says the family is hoping that police investigate thoroughly as they need justice. 

Gisel Vivas, Daughter: “We need justice. We need justice. This can’t be left like this because my dad was a human being. A human with feeling. He shared love wherever he goes. He showed respect to whoever he had in front of him so he did not deserve to have this ending and we need justice.”
Benjamin Flowers, Love News: Police are awaiting a post-mortem examination to determine Pacheco’s cause of death as part of an ongoing investigation. Benjamin Flowers, for Love News.

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