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Human remains found

Charred humans remains were found at the scene of a house fire in Hopkins Village. Authorities in the village responded to the fire at around four o’clock on Sunday and after the fire was extinguished, it was discovered that someone had died inside. Hipolito Novelo reports.

Voice of Business Owner: “At 3:45 I was alerted by a neighbor that my business was engulfed in flames.”

Reporter: Where is this located?

Voice of Business Owner: “This is located in Southside Hopkins not too far from Sandy Beach area. It is four feet in height, a wooden structure comprised of four rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a veranda. It’s an apartment house.”

Reporter: Persons are accounted for ?

Voice of Business Owner: “Well those three we understand that they were not here.”

Reporter: There was another room ?

Voice of Business Owner: “Yes there was another room that somebody was occupying for the night.”

Reporter: Is that person accounted for?

Voice of Business Owner: “No we don’t know where that person is.”

Reporter: Do we know who that person is ?

Voice of Business Owner: “Well what happened is that the person is of Kriol descent, he only rented the room for two nights but he didn’t stay there during the course of the day as such.”

Reporter: So there is the possibility of there being human remains here?

Voice of Business Owner: “Yes. As we speak police are removing what is believed to be the remains of a body from under the house.”