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Hummingbird Elementary top performer in PSE

The PSE results are in and the overall picture is not a very good one as more than half of the students who sat the exams scored less than satisfactory in all four subject areas. There was a tie at the top as Haley Thurton of Hummingbird Elementary School and Rolando Umana of La Inmaculada RC in Orange Walk Town both scored three hundred and eighty-four out of a possible four hundred. Hummingbird Elementary performed very well as they had five students placing in the top ten. In third was Gerson Makhwani from Mary Hill RC in Corozal, Jayda Smith, Sofia Solano, Salima Barrow and Khalil Espat all from Hummingbird Elementary placed fourth to seventh. Ariel Peters from Berniece Yorke, Steven Williams from Little Flower RC School in Toledo and Mariana Peraza from Belize Christian Academy in Belmopan rounds out the top ten.   We stopped by Hummingbird Elementary School and spoke with Haley Thurton who said the results are a pleasant surprise.

Haley Thurton, Hummingbird Elementary School: “I’m surprised but I do feel good. I’m very happy. I was pretty confident that I would pass at least. I didn’t study too hard. Really it was just the work that we were given in class and just rest and proper health and stuff.”

Love News spoke with the Director of the Exams Unit, Nelson Longsworth, about this year’s performance.

Nelson Longsworth, Director of Exams Unit: “We are seeing very little change over the years unfortunately. On the average they are over the 50% mark but you don’t see a steady improvement. In fact this year we see a down in a language it’s gone down a bit, the only bright spot is math has climbed up a point which is usually the hardest of the four or the ones that is achieving the least. Science has remained practically the same as compared to last year and there has been a down with the social studies.”

Reporter: Looking at the results I noticed the females out performed the males, any theory as to why?

Nelson Longsworth, Director of Exams Unit: “Well I haven’t done the total analysis because it would be unfair to just look at the top performers and just generalize but we are seeing that trend we’re definitely where females are much better at doing exams and tests- they are probably doing even better within their schools as compared to the males but we do have some bright spots as males. But yeah that’s the trend we are seeing where females and we are seeing where the numbers of females continuing their education is increasing and have exceeded the males in the tertiary institutions etc.”


Seven thousand and eighty students sat this year’s examinations.