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Humphrey’s Last Hours Dismisses Suspicion of Foul Play

Last week Thursday, 35-year-old, Mervin Humphreys Junior was found dead on Haulover Creek Street in Belmopan City.  His family was notified of his passing and his father, upon seeing the body, expressed suspicion of foul play.


“I was called to an area in Belmopan where I found my son lying on his back, about 12:30 thereabout but what concern me is that he had on a polo shirt and the polo shirt did not have any tear on it but below his right breast and left breast, the shirt was properly torn up and there was no indication that his shirt was torn indicating that he had tumbled or anything.  The skin from his arm and his leg was torn and it looked like when you tear the skin off a chicken or something. That is my concern and I wish the police could really investigate this matter for me.”

Belmopan police did investigate Humphreys’ death and according to Belmopan’s Commanding Officer, Superintendent Howell Gillett, Humphreys’ death was not a murder.


“We observed like burnt, sunburn marks to parts of the body. A postmortem was conducted which later certified that the cause of death was due to multiple organ failure as a result of first degree superficial burns. Because of the result of the postmortem we undertook to take additional statements surrounding the last hours of Mr. Humphrey’s life and the statements that we have in our possession and the video footage that we have we are comfortable to say that the cause of Mr. Humphrey’s death was not because of harm caused by anyone else. We will also submit this file to the DPP’s office who might or might not send it for coroner’s inquiry or inquest.”

Gillett said when Humphreys was found he had beer bottles around him.