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Hundreds of Thousands of Marijuana Plants Destroyed Near Adjacency Zone

Over one hundred Guatemalan policemen and military personnel were dispatched to El Rondon Village in Melchor de Mencos, Peten where over three hundred and seventy six thousand marijuana plants were destroyed. El Rondon Village is located along the adjacency zone with Belize and according to a Guatemalan newspaper, the farmers took cover in Belize upon seeing the law enforcement officers in the area. The article notes that the marijuana plants were found planted between rows of corn and beans about one kilometer from the adjacency zone with Belize. The publication added that the marijuana destroyed has a value of three million quetzals which translates to just over four hundred and twelve thousand US dollars. Guatemalan authorities noted that the area where the drugs are planted is difficult to access which makes it ideal for the farmers. They, however, intend to carry out further operations closer to the border line with Belize, in the coming days.