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A hurled rock ends in murder

There were two murders that occurred over the past few days.  On Friday at 4:30 pm, a man identified as Marcos Chen was stoned while heading to a fishing area in Bladen Village.  The situation got escalated as his assailant and the assailant’s brothers attacked and killed him viciously.

The Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, ACP Joseph Myvett says they are looking for the suspects

ACP Joseph Myvett: “Independence Police was called to Bladen Village which is located between Mile 52 and Mile 53 on the Southern HIghway where upon arrival they observed the apparent lifeless body of a hispanic male later identified as Marcus Chen 41 years Guatemalan labourer of the said village with multiple chop wounds to the head and body. What the Police know so far is that the deceased along with three other persons were in the village walking towards the Bladen River en route to go fishing when upon reaching near Dario Sho’s residence, who began stoning; one of the stones caught the deceased Marcus Chen in his head which caused him to fall and as a result he was then attacked by Darius Sho and in the process he inflicted a chop wound to the left arm of Darius Sho. In the process four of his other brothers came out of the yard and inflicted the aforementioned injuries to the deceased. So far Darius Sho is in the Southern Regional Hospital under Police guard whilst his four other brothers remain at large and the Police are seeking them in relation to this investigation.”

Jose Sanchez: “Is there any explanation as to why they started to stone in the first place?”

ACP Joseph Mvett: “The investigation does not show but we do believe that there may have been previous discussions between these two persons.”

The other murder incident occurred early this morning at 9. a.m. at the entrance to Independence Village. And it’s a telling tale of caution as to why you shouldn’t give a lift in your vehicle to strangers.  The police say Marcos Ack was killed by a commuter who he picked and offered a ride to in his vehicle.

ACP Joseph Myvett:“They observed a hispanic male inside a white Toyota pickup that had run off the main road. Initial investigation revealed that Marcus Ack was travelling enroute to Independence Village when somewhere around Red Bank, when he stopped and picked up a passenger and during his journey to Independence, the passenger demanded money and as a result inflicted a single stab wound to the right side of his chest and after he alighted the vehicle and ran towards the bushes but were quickly caught by Police officers who were in the area. The knife that is believed to be used was found inside of the vehicle with blood stains. That person is now in custody in this investigation.”