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Hurricane Dorian kills at least five people in the Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian has wreaked havoc on The Bahamas, leaving in its wake several deaths, severe flooding and damage to property. The Prime Minister of The Bahamas, Hubert Minnis, gave an update yesterday on the destruction the hurricane has caused.
Hubert Minnis, Prime Minister, The Bahamas: “Thus far the Royal Bahamas Police Force has confirmed that there are five deaths in Abaco. Teams will go to Abacao as soon as possible for full and proper assessment and identification. We are in the midst of a historic tragedy in parts of northern Bahamas. Our mission and focus now is search, rescue and recovery. The initial reports from Abaco is that the devastation is unprecedented and extensive. They are deeply worrying. The images and video we are seeing are heartbreaking. Many homes, businesses and other buildings have been completely or partially destroyed. There is an extraordinary amount of flooding and damage to infrastructure. I wish to report that the United States Guard is already on the ground in Abaco and has rescued a number of injured individuals. We know that there are a number of people in Grand Bahama who are in serious distress and we will provide relief and assistance as soon as possible after the Met Department has given the all-clear. I strongly urge the residents of Grand Bahama to remain indoors and be as safe as possible until the all-clear is given by the appropriate authorities.”
The Red Cross Belize has initiated a donation to assist the victims of the hurricane.