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Hurricane Isaac Heads West

There are a few named storms in the Atlantic and the one that has the attention of the weather forecasters in Belize is Isaac. Deputy Chief Met. Officer, Derrick Rudon says Hurricane Isaac has entered the Caribbean and is heading west.

Jose Sanchez: “I know that the people are aware of Florence in the states but a lot of people are looking at different patterns and they are concerned for example about Isaac. Tell us about that?”

Derrick Rudon Deputy Chief Met. Officer: “Okay Isaac has entered the Caribbean this morning and the projection is for it to continue straight West. The good news is that the official forecast is for Isaac to desipate by the time it reaches the Western Caribbean Sea which will be just in front of us so that is the good news but the track has been consistently for a straight westward movement. Right so it has followed that so far, the track but it has weakened since yesterday and the forecast is for it to continue to weaken. In fact they don’t even know if it will even make as far as towards the Western or the North Western Caribbean.

Jose Sanchez: “When you do these projections what do you look at to make that projection to go about it?”

Derrick Rudon Deputy Chief Met. Officer: “Well we look at conditions in the upper atmosphere as well as the surface temperatures, we look at all the things that would favor strengthening and if those are not there then the storm or the system will likely weaken. The projections do show when the forecast models in the American weather prediction models when they forecast for system to develop so it’s good to watch the projection of the projected path so in the case of Isaac then we have to watch it. We will continue to watch it until it dissipates or until it turns away from us.”

While the season was expected to be above average, Rudon says activity is now projected to be a slightly below average for the hurricane season.