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Husband and boyfriend questioned about missing woman

 On Monday, October 15, the Belize Police Department reported the case of a missing woman.  The missing woman is 36-year-old, Felina James.  James reportedly left her two sons with a babysitter the 11th of October and told her that she would return the following day.  Up to news time, James has not been heard from.  The case took a turn for the worst when the woman’s identification cards were found by sanitation engineers. The search area for 36 year old James has extended to the Capital, Belmopan and Sarteneja Village. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo says that they have interviewed her husband and boyfriend about her whereabouts.

 ASP Alejandro Cowo: “The female Fatima James that is missing, on yesterday’s date Belmopan Police were called to Queen Elizabeth the 2nd St. that is near the Lands Department by the US Embassy where Police were handed over three documents belonging to the missing person: one was a social security, a driver’s license and a boat captain license. The babysitter had mentioned that the kids were dropped there and that she was going back to Sarteneja where she came from to go and get the rest of her items, belongings so that she can bring it to Belize City.”

Reporter: Sir what is her address?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: She was living in Sarteneja Village for two months. She had a misunderstanding with the persons she was seeing and left from Sarteneja and came to Belize City. It was just Wednesday night. The husband is being interviewed and the boyfriend that she has right now is also being interviewed.”

 James is five feet five inches in height, fair complexioned and has  straight black hair.