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Husband and father shot during Ladyville Home Invasion

A family of five thought they were about to sleep during another peaceful night amongst family. They lived in the last house in a family compound bordered by an alley connected to Marage Road in Ladyville Village in front of them and behind their home, there was overgrown bush. But at minutes to ten on Monday night, they were the victims of a home invasion. Wife and son told us about the harrowing experience while the mother of 35 year old Jeffery Elijio recounted her injured son calling out to him for help in the pitch darkness of night.

Jose Sanchez: “Camille Sanker and Jeffrey Elijio live in a family compound with several houses through an alley off the Mirage Road area of Ladyville Village for 14 years. The kids were in their room and Sanker had also just retired to her bedroom leaving Jeffrey alone in the living room. The safety that was built for a decade and a half ended with a knock on the front door.”

Camille Sankar Wife of Jeffory Elijio: “We just went to bed and came from outside. The light wasn’t even off yet. I was already in my bed and the kids were already in their bed but he said he was going to eat so it looks like he sat in the chair and as he sat in the chair he heard the first knock on the door and he asked “who is it?” and no one answered. No one answered and they knocked again so he asked again and still no answer. They knocked the third time and he said” who is it?” and no one answered again and so he got up and he came in the room. He had little knife right in the shoes pocket and he took it out. When he took it out I told him Jeff don’t open the door and he came outside and it looks like as he turned the lock on the door the persons stomped in the door and as they stomped it in we heard one gun shot.”

Jose Sanchez: “The one gunshot caught Jeffrey Elijio in the stomach and he retreated to the rear door on adrenaline. The two mask men then proceed towards Camille and Jeffrey’s bedroom.”

Camille Shankar Wife of Jeffrey Elijio: “By the time I could look out I saw him coming running through the next door and when I saw that I screamed. The young man came in the room and pointed the gun at me and I told him sir please don’t shoot me because I have my kids them. The young man turn out and left. I could not see who it was because he had a complete mask over their face.”

Jose Sanchez: “Their youngest child had a small exchange of words with one of the perpetrators. “

Camille Sankar Wife of Jeffory Elijio: “The man told him shut up and he told him yes sir I’ll shut up but please leave me alone. With that my little son told me that he saw the two of them come out through the door. “

Jose Sanchez: “The commotion was so strange, their eldest son ran into their bedroom towards the source of the noise. He came face to face with the business end of a gun.”

Derek Shankar Son of Jeffrey Elijio: “I was on my bed and I was talking to my little brother at the same time when I heard the gunshot and also my dad’s shriek when he was shot. I ran outside and when I ran outside the gunman put the gun in my face and I threw down myself and went back in my room. He ran in my room but he didn’t see where I went after that so he went into the bathroom and then from there I heard my mom on the phone and that is when I came back because if my mom was on the phone that means they left. I didn’t think that would happen because no one knows my father as a trouble person. “

Jose Sanchez: “Elijio then escaped through the other door into the darkness of the night and made it to the base of the stairs of his mother’s home. She came out and Margaret Elijio found him before he collapsed while another family member called the Police.”

Margaret Sanger Mother of Jeffrey Elijo: “I would want to know why they did it to him because he didn’t harass with anybody and didn’t do anything. I love all my children and it hurts me what they did to him and I really would want them to put some light back here for us because this place back here is very dark. It is right there people want to come around and do some stupid thing that they don’t business to do and sometimes we don’t see them.”

Jose Sanchez: “But you have a peaceful family?”

Margaret Sanger Mother of Jeffrey Elijo: “Yes I have a peaceful family and I have a peaceful yard so my point is that I keep asking myself why? Why did this happen? And my answer is hard to get.”

Camille Sankar Wife of Jeffory Elijio: “We would really like some light back here because back here is very dark. We would really appreciate it if they put at least two lights back here because even from our entrance that we come in from, we come into darkness.”

Jose Sanchez: “Elijio is recovering at the KHMH. Jose Sanchez for Love News.”

The family says that they will try to keep away from the home for a few days. The police removed a Luger brand nine millimeter shell casing and slug from the Elijio and Sanker home.