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Husband Kills wife on Family Vacation

A couple from Trial Farm Village in the Orange Walk District set out to have a family vacation in Independence Village, but early this morning it ended with the murder of the wife and arrest of the husband. Love News spoke to family members who have yet to fully grasp why the murder occurred.

A picture doesn’t always paint the perfect story. And while home videos show Mariela Alpuche Rodriguez celebrating her thirty-fourth birthday with her husband, 48 year old Arturo Rodriguez, something was amiss as the family of husband, wife, mother and kids went on a vacation to Independence Village that would change their lives forever.

Jose Sanchez: What were you doing in Independence?

Emma Castillo, Aunt of Mariela Alpuche Rodriguez: They went for holidays like you know school  was already like two weeks of vacation left so she told me that she went to Chetumal. “I bought bags and everything for my daughter” she said. They are ready for school; then we are going to Cayo. We are spending three days there and then we will go to Placencia. When I got that call and my sister told me that about 2:40 this morning. She called me and she told me Emma, Turo killed my daughter and I said “what no” and then she said “yes”.

ACP Joseph Myvette: Mariela along with her common law husband were staying at a hotel room in Independence when apparently a domestic dispute ensued resulting in Mr. Rodriguez choking Mariella which resulted in her death. She was rushed to the Independence Polyclinic by other family members who  had attempted to revive her. However she ended up passing away.

Back in Orange Walk Town, Alpuche’s family is in shock. And though they knew Rodriguez was jealous, Alpuche’s aunt said they never saw him become violent.

Emma Castillo, Aunt of Mariela Alpuche Rodriguez:  I know that he was getting more jealous because at one point in time we used to spend time together. He was very friendly and everything but sometimes he would be just be to himself and she would say don’t give him no more to drink because he gets like out of hand right.

Jose Sanchez: Did he ever explain to you examples of the jealousy or how he would get out of hand when drinking?

Emma Castillo, Aunt of Mariela Alpuche Rodriguez: Well he never allow her to be by herself. Every time if he goes here, she will go. Even if he does furnitures; he does furnitures and she would go with him and help him. She used to work very hard together with him.

Jose Sanchez: So he never leaves her alone?

Emma Castillo, Aunt of Mariela Alpuche Rodriguez: Never; she would never be alone. Everytime they go to trips and everything it would be he, she and their kids but that jealousy in him I can’t understand. Everytime; sometimes she would tell me that okay everything is good but all of a sudden he will change and start jealousing me and life just changes like how I tell you. He used to be different when he wasn’t drinking and being a totally different person when drinking. They have two girls, two little girls Kayla and Jiada.

Jose Sanchez: So these girls have lost their mother and their father.

Emma Castillo, Aunt of Mariela Alpuche Rodriguez: Yes

Jose Sanchez: Who will look after the kids now?

Emma Castillo, Aunt of Mariela Alpuche Rodriguez: Well they have their grandmother which is my sister Amparo and all of us a family we are looking to be together to give the best of us.

 ACP Joseph Myvett said Rodriguez was arrested at the scene of the crime in Independence.

Mariela Alpuche’s brutal murder occurred in room number three at the Panting Hotel in Independence Village. Her body is currently at the Southern Regional Hospital awaiting a postmortem examination.