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Cordel Hyde: “Vidal’s Style of Policing has not Worked in Belize City”

The crimes situation in Southside Belize City has been escalating for the past few weeks. There is a gang warfare between different fractions and while the murder count rises, authorities try to figure out a solution to the problem. During last week’s Sitting of the House of Representatives, Area Representative for Lake Independence, Cordel Hyde, spoke on the topic.  He compared the period when Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams was Commander of the Southside to now that Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal is at the command. Hyde asserted that things were much more peaceful before Williams was transferred to Belmopan to head the Professional Standards Bureau.

Cordel Hyde –  Area Representative for Lake Independence

“Rival gangs were beginning to interact with each other, beginning to have social with each other, beginning to move freely in each other’s neighborhoods; something that could not happen for most of the last couple decades. But someone decided that didn’t like how that was working. Someone decided that the peace in Belize City that was not worth preserving. Someone or some persons decided that they preferred to see grieving mothers and girlfriends on the TV every other night, as opposed to seeing rival gangs working together. Now I don’t have a problem with the great Mr. Vidal, I think he is highly trained cop, very competent, extremely cool under pressure but his style of policing has not worked in Belize City. It didn’t work in the years before when he was head of G.S.U. and it hasn’t worked of late.”