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ICJ Referendum campaign remains within available budget so far

And while we talk money, the Finsec also spoke on the funds presently supporting the Government’s ICJ Referendum Campaign. According to Waight, it doesn’t look like the team will be surpassing its available budget.

Joseph Waugh Financial Security: “We gave them a budget of about two and a half million dollars. They are approaching two million in spending and some of it may be to pay for contracts to advertise and so on but I believe that they will use the budget and they will not exceed the budget. Actually the money goes through our general accounting system . The procurement has to follow Government rules, contracts, purchase orders are issued for the advertising services, billboards. A lot of it pays for the staff that goes out on weekends and at nights, mobility of transport and subsistence and so on and also we have to pay for development of commercial and so. It is really handled by the International Boundaries Unit and the Public Information Campaign Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As far as I am aware they are adhering faithfully to the financial rules and regulations of Belize.”

The referendum campaign is ongoing at educational institutions, communitites and companies across the country.