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IDB funds youth program in Belize City

There is additional community support reaching the southern part of Belize City or the Eastern Division Region One, and it aims to use sports to prevent delinquency among young people there. The initiative is being jump started through the assistance of the Inter-American Development Bank, which seeks to use sports to develop life skills in children and teenagers using a model that has been applied in Guatemala and Honduras. Amapola Arimany, a Consultant with the IDB says that it follows the Olympic Education model called “Hoodlinks”.

Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett says the initiative will compliment efforts already underway in the region.

Arimany says they will not focus so much on facilities as the team will be using existing facilities for practices and trainings. The program, an after school program, should be commencing in two to three months after they obtain support from within the community. The team is still meeting with potential stakeholders who they hope will contribute to the sustainability of the program. Part of the objective is also to have coaches paid.