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IDB Officials met with Belizean authorities to discuss transport infrastructure

A delegation from the Inter-American Development Bank, IDB visited Belize last week.  IDB Infrastructure and Energy Sector Manager, José Agustín Aguerre met with officials from the Ministry of Finance and Natural Resources; the Ministry of Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade and Commerce; and the Ministry of Works. The officials discussed ways of improving transport infrastructure in an inclusive and sustainable way in Belize. Aguerre stated quote, “The IDB and the Government are working together on a comprehensive plan to improve Belize’s transport infrastructure while making it resilient to climate change… “This will boost the country’s competitiveness while improving the quality of life for Belizeans,” end quote. Since 1996, the IDB has provided Belize’s transport sector with financial and technical assistance and support. To date the IDB has assisted the country with approximately one hundred and sixteen million Belize dollars. The delegation also visited project sites financed by the IDB, including the slated rehabilitation of the George Price Highway between miles 47.9 and 67.3, the Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill, and the intervention areas of the Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program in Belize City.