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IDB President Endorses Belize as an Ideal Place for Investment

One of the speakers at today’s summit was the President of the Inter-American Development Bank who endorsed Belize as an ideal place for investments and good returns.

Mauricio Claver- Carone, President, Inter-American Development Bank: “Today there are signs of better times to come as growth forecasts for this year have been revised upward to 8.5%. So now it’s time for your companies to contribute to the momentum, helping bring back jobs, helping women reenter the workforce and grow their businesses. We’re helping Belize invest in sustainable blue economies, sustainable tourism and climate resilience. These are all priorities of the IDB’s vision 2025 in our current work across the region and that brings us to the final point I’d like to make. The IDB has the largest project portfolio in Belize of any multilateral development bank and we’re the only one to have a permanent office in the country. We’re committed as a bank to the long term prosperity  and sustainable development of the country and we’re confident that economic recovery will be led by the private sector and that means that as we work with governments to improve investment frameworks and implement reforms that will make Belize more favorable to business and foreign investment we’re also ready to work with private firms to help facilitate the opportunities that I’ve referenced today and which are exploring in detail obviously all of you during the summit and that’s something that you could absolutely bank on.”

President Mauricio Claver-Carone made his presentation via a video recording.