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IJM is dedicated to rescuing victims of Human Trafficking

Journalists from around the world, including our very own, Johnelle McKenzie, are in Washington DC attending an international reporting tour on combating human trafficking, which has been described as modern-day slavery. The extent of human trafficking is tremendous; therefore, the US Department of State has been working hard to combat human trafficking at home and abroad by monitoring how other countries approach human trafficking. In this regard, the government produces an annual report, TIP which measures other government efforts to combat human trafficking through three ps, prosecution, prevention and protection of witnesses. International Justice Mission (IJM) is also actively involved in rescuing victims around the world from human trafficking and slavery. IJM has offices in seventeen countries. Tim Gehring, Policy Director at International Justice shared with the foreign press about their work.

Tim Gehring – Policy Director

“Again that is sort of the four parts of our casework; One is we often get referrals from either from doing active investigations alongside law of enforcements; we might get referrals from a church or a hospital or some other medical facility or community-based group. We then partner alongside the police and the local law enforcement in those countries to intervene in those situations of abuse and violence. We help the Police collect evidence, we help the Police restrain perpetrators and the move this criminal case along  to the next part of the public Justice System which will be to prosecute for rebuilding a case, developing this criminal case to secure conviction in the situation also work with Judges to provide training on what the law is and also a proper sentencing in these crimes and then working with departments of social welfare to provide restore ventricular services; that’s community reintegration providing services that deal with the economic and social and psychological needs of our clients.”

Gehring explained that IJM is trying to find the loopholes in the public justice and focus their attention in those areas. Gehring added that since its inception in 1997, IJM has managed to rescue over 40,000 men, women, and children who have been exploited and abused. Also, they have been able to successfully prosecute 1300 perpetrators.