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Illegal electrical connection cause of Friday night fire

Yesterday, Goldburne Adolphus better known as ‘Easy Glenn’ told Love News that his house had been destroyed by fire on Friday night. He did say that the cause of the fire was an electrical fault. Today, Benisford Matura of the National Fire Service, provided some more details saying that there was an illegal electrical connection.

Benisford Matura – National Fire Service

“The structure nor contents were insured and the estimated loss according to Mr. Adolphus was approximately $15,000. Our investigation revealed that this fire started from a faulty wiring in the wooden structure.


When you say faulty wiring does it mean that he was getting a drop, that the structure itself was not electricity ready?

Benisford Matura – National Fire Service

“Yes the structure did not have a meter to it so it he was getting an illegal connection to it. It can cause disaster and it can cause a big loss when you compare the little that you think you are saving at the end of the day for example Mr. Adolphus lost his whole house and contents.”

The fire destroyed all that Easy Glenn owned. If you want to assist him, you can call him at cell phone number, 662-5128.