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Illegal Logging Reported in the South

 A woman in the south says illegal loggers have been trespassing on her 25-acre private land just off the Stann Creek Valley Road.  Our correspondent Harry Arzu visited with Beverly Pascascio who says she was alerted of the activity on her land last week.

Beverly Pascascio, Landowner:  “I got a tip where they thought they were logging on my property and sure enough I came up here last week and you can see all the logging that they done and debris they left behind. And I hope that they respect the sign where it says private property. You could see all the saw dust and everything they left and the trail where they took the logs down.”

Reporter:  Would you know the value of what they might have taken ?

Beverly Pascascio, Landowner:  “Over six thousand dollars worth of trees and lumber.”

Reporter:  Have you made a report to the relevant authorities. 

Beverly Pascascio, Landowner:  “No I haven’t this is my first step. I want them to come out and see what they took and what they left behind I hope they can help me from here.”

 Correspondent Arzu also spoke with another resident who says the illegal logging is not limited to Pascascio’s property.  He says it has become prevalent on several other private locations.

Resident: “I heard people complain about it but my thing is when you have a land and you need to cut a piece of lumber, your personal land, you have to go to report to the Forestry Department because if you cut it without them they bring problems to you. So I think their job is to go and see and protect people land. I think those guys that work in the Forestry or the Minister for that area is supposed to either pay more or get down to it more.”

Reporter: How would they know if nobody reports to them ?

Beverly Pascascio, Landowner: “I’m going to report.” 

Resident: “That’s why we doing it now and the media is national.”

 The residents are making an appeal to the proper authorities to investigate the situation and assist them in addressing the matter.