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Image Factory celebrates twenty years

The Image factory Art Foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary today with an exhibit of a number of artists and their works.  According to Yasser Musa, the celebration is more a chapter within the long history of art.  The event is a celebration of the pure nature of art and looks to show the importance that it brings and looks to show the importance of the continuation of innovation in the arts and the needed funding for this. Musa tells us more.

Yasser Musa – Artist

I don’t have anything meaningful to say other than I am so grateful for your presence, especially the media at this time. And I hope that the people, the human beings behind those cameras tonight join us in our, I can’t say celebration because art does not respect anniversary but something is going to happen later today at seven o’clock but we are concerned with what’s going to happen now. They say that we are not getting any younger but the attitude of art is ageless, obviously I am in a very deeply emotional and unstable piece of mind, having reached this point personally, but what we are about to present to ourselves, to our community and to the state, the state of affairs are twenty proposals, twenty ideas as to how we should conduct ourselves today and tomorrow because while it is important to recognize and respect the past, for the first twenty years it is meaningless to dwell and worry too much about what has gone.

Musa spoke of the importance of art and said it can be expressed in many way

Yasser Musa – Artist

“Yes and I think that it has to have a way in order to feed into the people’s mind because obviously I have a bias towards art as social activism but art can be other things. It can just be a reflection, something to offer beauty. I don’t necessarily subscribe to that but I can’t be into free expression if I don’t accept those other forms. So it is a huge space, it is a huge spectrum and we are only micro millimeters in the engagement process of that. Sure we’ve gone twenty years but that is twenty years out of hundreds of years of an opposing view, which is a colonial view, which is I am going to think for you and I am going to let you believe how you should be.”

Kirkland Smith is an art teacher and he shared one of the twenty pledges as it relates to arts and culture.

Kirkland Smith – Artist

“We need to support the development of arts in schools as an integration for other subjects. I have been a teacher for sixteen years; I have been an art educator for twelve. I’ve seen students, children, teachers, schools who are hungry for art and art education in the school system and we need to promote art appreciation through social activism and education and cultural encounters. The only means by which our identity as Belizeans can be transmitted, analyzed and maintained is through the arts. No other means.”

 A number of artists who use the Image Factory to promote their art were there including Kyraan Gabourel who shared a portion of one of his pieces.

Kyraan Gabourel – Artist

You won’t be able to stay home, you won’t be able to go on Facebook to comment and troll. You won’t be able to get lost in hip-hop, empire and snap chat because the revolution won’t be streamed live. The revolution won’t be streamlined. The revolution won’t be brought to you by Aflac during the NBA series release. It won’t show the PM blowing a horn playing God Save The Queen with the Wesley Methodist Choir backed up  by the Imperial Marching Band to go eat boil up that they took away from Mercy Kitchen. The revolution won’t be streamed live.”

As we said, the celebration continues tonight with an event that will see a number of artists who have displayed their work at the institution perform. The event begins at seven o’clock.