Imarie Galves was Strangled

Imarie Galves was Strangled

Tonight, there are shocking new developments in the murder investigation of 19-year-old, Imarie Galvez. The results of the autopsy were revealed today, indicating that Galvez was strangled to death and investigators believe it was done by someone close to her. The teen mysteriously vanished from her home in the San Martin area in Belmopan, and was thought to have been last seen at a nightclub in the capital. However, investigations have revealed that Galvez was not out socializing that night. In fact, the Police Commissioner Chester Williams says that the family may just know more than they are letting on.  Love News had an exclusive interview Commissioner Williams, who spoke on the latest developments.  

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We continue to do what we could with a view to ascertain exactly what had transpired with Imarie Galvez. Since I last spoke to you there have been some changes in the investigation. We had initially said that she had gone missing from a night club on Saturday night. Our investigation now shows she didn’t go to a nightclub Saturday night she did go to the nightclub Friday night. Saturday night she was at home and was last seen at home after midnight Saturday, that was the time when her parents may have retired for bed and when they woke up in the morning she was not at home so based on what we’re getting from the parents they are unaware as to what time she left home and with who she may have left home Saturday night which would be after midnight. The post mortem examination was done today and that revealed that she died from asphyxiation due to strangulation which means that she was choked and there was no injuries to the body. What we had seen there could have been as a result of decomposition. We certainly believe that there is more that the family knows and they are withholding from the police and we would hope that they would cooperate fully with the investigation, it’s the only way we can bring the type of closure that they would want in this matter. We have done many other things to try an ascertain what transpired, I will not say to the media and I know sometimes the public tries* these matters on social media and say the police needs to do this but there is a lot that we have done and that we are doing in this matter to arrive at a conclusion as it relates to what may have transpired to her. And I want to appeal to the family and anyone who may have any information pertinent to this investigation to please feel free to come forward and give us that information.”

As it relates to the detention of Galvez’s boyfriend, Woodrow West, who was believed to be a person of interest, the ComPol says that West and other male persons detained for questioning are yet to reveal any key pieces of information. He says that the department is yet to determine what exactly led to Galvez’s death but has been receiving information from the public that may aid in their investigation.  

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: ” At this time we have not been able to gather sufficient evidence to charge anybody. Not only those two individuals, we have other persons in custody. We’re looking at all those persons, male figures who may have had some close affiliation with her as possible suspects because certainly she was murdered by someone who knew her and who knew her well and someone that she knew well. What took place there we don’t think was done by a stranger and so we have to look at those persons who are closely affiliated with her and see what if anything can be obtained from them to further the investigation.”

Reporter: I know this may upset the family but I have to ask, there are reports that Ms.Galvez may have been involved or affiliated with very sketchy persons. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Well that is what we’re getting as well. It’s difficult and we’re hoping that we can really and truly get to the bottom of what transpired and like I said we do believe the family knows more than they are telling us and we hope that they would come clean and give us all they know so that we can solve this matter.”

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