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Imer Makes it Rain millions, again and again

Yesterday we told you of the nineteen million dollar contract that was awarded to Imer Hernandez for the rehabilitation of section three of the George Price Highway.  While Hernandez is no stranger to the media and neither are contract awards from the Government of Belize, it did beg the question, ‘why is he still allowed to bid when most of his projects allegedly went awry?’  The question is based on several projects not so well done including the San Antonio Road in Orange Walk Town that was not finished and the stretch of the Philip Goldson also in Orange Walk Town that has been described as ‘faulty’.  In October 2017, Imer Hernandez Development Company Limited was granted a multi-million dollar contract for the Caye Caulker airstrip reconstruction; he has won bids for the Belmopan Market Project, the renovation of the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airstrip in Belize City and now the phase three of the George Price Highway project.  Hernandez expressed gratitude for the win and millions he will be hauling in while the Leader of the Opposition expressed outrage.

Imer Hernandez: “ I just give thanks to the Government to have the confidence with the company to build this entire road in the standards of everything and we will do our best to comply with whatever they ask for, thank you for everything.”

John Bricenio: “To go to Orange Walk, the highway that he built around and an in Orange Walk Town is sinking in many areas. It is breaking up all over the place and now you are going to give them another $19 million. Something is wrong there, somebody is getting something.”

Back in 2017, Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia did note that Hernandez’ win for bids is due to his low estimates.  With that said, another question arises, is Belize forfeiting quality and long term infrastructure for short term gratification?