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Immigration Director to be Named

Love News has received reports that a new Director of Immigration may be installed shortly.  According to our sources, there may be a transfer of a seasoned public officer in Foreign Affairs moving over to take the Director’s seat.  Minister of Immigration says, the Director’s chair has been vacant for some time now but no final decision has been made.


“Well I can’t confirm that yet; that post has been vacant for a long time.  Miss Marin is Acting Director so we have to fill the post, that is really where are. It may or may not be filled with her or with somebody else but that is a matter that we will either advertise and it goes then through the processes to decide who it will be whether it is her or anybody else. The fact of the matter is Ms. Marin was not the Director, she was Acting Director she has been in that acting position for more than two years so it’s time to fill the post and that is really where we are.”


“So, would you say that the news coming to us about Dianne Locke being the new director of immigration is not true?”


“Not yet, lots of names have come up but you can’t say that she will be the new Director because that has to go to Cabinet, confirmed and there is a process for selecting the Director.  So we can’t confirm that yet but several names have been thrown around, including hers.”

Maria Marin has been acting as Director of Immigration subsequent to Ruth Meighan’s exit from that department.