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Immigration Information Center operational

In order to improve service delivery to the public, the Ministry of Immigration along with the United Nations Agency for Migration launched two of its most innovative solutions to provide information to migrants in Belize. The Migration Information Center was officially opened yesterday and the MigrantApp was launched. Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Immigration, Edmund Zunga spoke of the importance of the information hub and mobile app.

Edmond Zuniga CEO: “We are working diligently every day to ensure that the service which we provide to all our customers is provided efficiently and is of the highest quality. The provision of information to the public by this information hub will assist the Refugee’s Department, The Border Management and Immigration Services Department as well as the Nationality and Passport Department to better respond to the needs of the Belizean public as well as to the needs of visitors to Belize. A stop at the hub will allow those persons who will subsequently come to us to already have been provided accurate information about the requirements of the applications related to migration which they no doubt will seek. As a country of origin transit and destination, Belize will benefit tremendously as their will no doubt be a reduction in the incidences of human smuggling which often times leads to human trafficking mainly resulting from the lack of knowledge but that is all about the individual coming and asking a question and making an inquiry however we are also today seeing the launch of the Migration App which is free available to everyone who has a cellphone not to mention those of us who have two or three and provides free access to accurate and updated information to guide any migrant about consulates and embassies. Requirements that one must meet to enter a country, health services and tips on migration among others.”

The Migration Information Center was a collaboration with the Child Development Foundation.