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Immigration Minister Applauds Officer Baptist-Estrada

Debra Baptist-Estrada is an immigration officer currently stationed at the Santa Elena Border in Corozal and as we told you yesterday, she has been listed as the first Belizean to receive the US Secretary of State International Women of Courage Award.  It is quite an accomplishment as the award seeks to honor women who have displayed courage and leadership skills in advocating for human rights, women’s equality, and social progress, often at great personal risk.  Love News asked Immigration Minister, Godwin Hulse to comment on Estrada’s achievement.


Baptist Estrada has been employed at the Immigration for twenty years. The US Secretary of State describes Estrada as “has consistently refused bribes and other incentives to look the other way”. The highlight of her performance as a law enforcement officer was when she served as the head of the Philip Goldson International Airport.  During that time, Estrada worked with U.S. officials on a drug and human smuggling operation to the U.S. and Europe. As an IWOC awardee, Baptist-Estrada will travel on April 1 to cities across the United States to engage with the American people through an International Visitor Leadership Program.