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Immigration Minister Says the Work Continues

Following the fallout over the Elvin Penner passport issue in which a South Korean inmate somehow acquired a Belizean passport, Godwin Hulse was appointed as Minister of Immigration. During his tenure, there have been a number of changes to the process involved in obtaining a Belizean passport. Today we asked Hulse if he is satisfied with the work he has been doing in the Ministry.


There are  few things that remain to be done but we still have control of that ministry and I think we will get those things contained. The main thing for me at the time is how do we make sure that every person that becomes a Belizean is deserving within the law? That was the chief thing. You hear about passports, passports are the end, nationality is the beginning and so that is where we put the focus and it starts with a Visa to come here which I didn’t think is a big thing but that when you get that nationality it’s proper, it’s legal, it’s deserving and your passport follows and I think we have achieved that with nationality.”