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Immigration Minister Speaks on Muzikant (Czech National)

The mystery of Martin Muzikant keeps unraveling and tonight we air the comments of the Substantive Minister in the Ministry of Immigration. As we told you last night, Muzikant was arrested in Orange Walk Town and yesterday Magistrate Merlene Moody remanded him to prison. He will spend six months behind bars and it is expected that an investigation that the Immigration Department has launched, will be completed by then. Muzikant, who it is believed to be from the Czech Republic, was charged for failure to produce travel documents and failure to present himself to an immigration officer. After the Senate meeting today, Minister Hulse, spoke on the matter.


“As you know he was OTL’d in 2013 and he came back into the country, it’s a porous border so people can find ways to come back into the country. Fortunately he was arrested yesterday and charged and committed because the thing is that we didn’t want him out on bond to escape again. I can’t comment as to what will be discovered when we look but the Immigration Department is undertaking to see if in fact there was any documentations or if he filled anything to make himself legal in this period of time. With respect to immigration offences he has so far been charged and he is in jail.”


“He will be in jail for six months do you believe that investigation will conclude before that time is up.”


“Well it depends upon what is being investigated and at this point in time I cannot say what all immigration will be looking for; they start with his name etc. I understand that when he was put out in 2013 he was found with some fraudulent passports, not Belizean passports and so I think they are going to re look at the file and see what were the reasons that at that time he was OTLed and try to come up to current date as to why he is in the country and what he has said in court.”

Martine Muzikant first made the news last year when he, through his mother, accused Attorney Marcel Cardona of charging exorbitant fees for his legal services. Cardona was also accused of taking monies to bribe judges, an assertion he vehemently denied. In an interview on June of last year, Cardona told Love News that Muzikant was a wanted fugitive.