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Immigration to Launch Internal Investigation into Nanes

While David Nanes-Schnitzer was taking a second lease on life following his alleged involvement in the Ponzi scheme that amounted to about seven billion dollars, he had been able to acquire identification documents ranging from driver’s license for both Belize City and San Pedro; social security card, Belizean passport and nationality and voter’s identification card, under the name David Banes.  This, of course raises more questions including how?  How did David Nanes-Schnitzer get to acquire all these official documents using a fake name?  Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse says while he cannot speak for the other entities like Social Security, he can assure the public and the media that an investigation is being carried out in the Immigration Department.


Authorities in Belize are now trying to relocate Nanes-Schnitzer as he is in the country illegally after his nationality was revoked.