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Immunity for Ellis Meighan? Chester Says Not at All

Last Thursday there was a report of gunshots fired in the area of Vernon and Sibun Streets in Belize City.  It turns out that those shots were fired just after ten o’clock when 23-year-old, Kendis Flowers and 42-year-old, Raph Martinez were getting out of a taxi on Vernon Street.  The duo reported that whilst getting out of the car, a man known to them from the neighbourhood pulled out a gun and fired a number of shots at them.  Since the incident, it has been alleged that Ellis Meighan, a well know street figure in the Ghost Town area was reportedly the culprit in this incident.  It is a case of assault with a firearm and can have several charges rendered due to the nature of the incident … but Meighan has escaped prison time and has escaped the charges that could have been brought forth from this incident.  Senior Superintendent Chester Williams explains the circumstances.


“The two persons, the complainants in the matter do not want anything and they have expressed that they don’t want to pursue the matter. As I said they are one group of people; they are all related, living in the same area and they have said they do not want to pursue the matter so we cannot proceed because they do not want anything.” 

Meighan is yet to be charged in the incident as Williams explained earlier … Meighan was a part of a recent mediation held with security officials and members of the Ghost Town area last Friday.  The media asked Williams if this is a case of immunity for Meighan since he was involved in the recent mediation.


“There is no immunity for being in possession of a high powered machine gun. He handed in the gun to us and in terms of attempted murder, if the complainant did not want anything we cannot do anything; our hands are tied. We act on what the complainant in a matter wants. It’s just as if your house is burglarized; you come to the police and say that you don’t want anything – we cannot do anything because you are the complainant. To proceed further would be tantamount to malicious prosecution because you have expressed to us that you do not want anything and then here we are proceeding; that is malicious prosecution; so it’s not a matter of immunity.”

Meanwhile, both men, Martinez and Flowers escaped unhurt.