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Imposter Police Officers Make Away with Over One Hundred Thousand Dollars in Home Invasion

Robbers posing as Police officers made away with over one hundred thousand dollars during a home invasion that occurred in the Stann Creek District. Around ten o’clock in the morning on Thursday, May 19, fifty-seven-year-old Esther Crispia was inside her home in Hope Creek Village when three men dressed in camouflage and military boots barged into her home. The men reportedly had metal objects on their persons which appeared to be handguns and handcuffs. Crispia says that one of the men identified himself as a police officer and he informed her that a search would be conducted for illegal firearms and drugs. Another one of the assailants began searching behind her, where she kept a cardboard box with sheets and a red and white plastic crocus bag which contained a hundred and thirty thousand dollars in different denominations. Crispia says told her that the money would be taken to the police station as they believed it was the proceeds of a drug sale and would be returned to her after proving the source of the money. According to Police Press Officer, Fitzroy Yearwood, whenever a police search is conducted, the police officer must provide an identification card before entering the premises.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations, Belize Police Department: “We are looking for two persons in connection with this report from the Bullet Tree area who are known for these types of incidents and hopefully if we detain them that they can shed some light as to what occurred. Each officer has been issued with an ID like this. They have their name tags that were issued. If the police come to your house not displaying or showing you their identification card then you know that they are not police officers. This was recently issued. It is the latest edition of our police ID, signed by Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams. It has all your personal information down to the date of enlistment and your date of birth. I don’t know why police officers would be moving around without their ID when I’m very sure that each person in this department was issued with one of these. It’s a five minutes process and you, the general public, have to be made aware of what you can ask for.

 Yearwood stated that an investigation as to who the assailants were is still ongoing.